I believe that you can learn a lot about a person by what they like to cook. You learn their about their life, their countless stories, and their food experiences. It is kinda like looking into their inner thoughts.

Wether you are a five star chef looking to criticize me or a beginning chef cooking from their small apartment kitchen, you will be entertained. My goal here at Big World, Small Plate is to entertain everyone and make everyone smile. After all, the way to a person is through their stomach.

I have a few missions that I had planned out when I started out.

My first mission was to entertain. I like to smile, laugh, and make people feel good. Through my random thoughts written out or my jokes about what foods will bring Prince Fielder back to the Brewers, you will learn a little bit about me and what makes me laugh. You will gradually start to learn more about me through my slowly progressing photography skills.

Another mission was to show you the power food and words and people can have on someone’s life. I originally got inspired to start a food blog because of watching countless 30 Minutes Meals shows. I’m not sure what Rachael Ray had, but her attitude and charisma was awe-inspiring. Even when times seemed hopeless or I was going through a tough time, I could always go to the Food Network and watch a bunch of people who made me feel good, even though they didn’t know me.

My next mission was my quest for discovery. Normally, people are on a quest for money, power, or fame (yes, I just quoted Bibleman). But my quest is to discover who I am and who you are through my recipes and thoughts and rants about random sports teams. I’m kinda like Huck Finn. I am looking for my place in the world. Huck was more coming of age, but as he slowly matured and got more poetic with this dialect, I think he learned who he is and who he really needs. If you haven’t read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (by Mark Twain), then you should get it now. It is a beautiful book, but some of the dialect and the way it is written may be a little confusing. Overall, it was a phenomenal book that I would recommend to anyone.

The final mission was to tell everyone that dream and believing are the first steps to a bright future. Every idea started with a dream and in order to get on the right path to achieve your dream, you had to believe. It could be something like being a bestselling author, an executive chef, or a really amazing doctor. Just remember: keep dreaming and believing. It gets better.

The Theme of Big World, Small Plate: Whenever the road your are taking gets rough or seems hard to follow, you need to get yourself together and build yourself a new path.

So, wanna build yourself a new path? I’m here to listen.

But, this isn’t all about me. I want to learn about you. What are your favorite foods, recipes, or restaurants. You can even throw in your favorite sports teams and then things will start to get interesting. I want to learn how you will live out my “Mission Statement” in your own lives.

And, to conclude this really interesting welcome page, I decided to share with you a little bit from one of my favorite books: The Fault In Our Stars. I had read this over and over again, even before anyone else I knew had. I feel like it hit me hard. Here is my favorite part of the whole book:

“The marks humans leave are too often scars.”

Have a fantastic day.

Oh. Sorry. I forgot to tell you about the quirky aspects of my blog. I tend to crack random jokes and quote videos that I have seen. So if one day I start singing the Hanukkah song, just go with it. Also go with it if I start quoting movies. It rarely happens, but when it does, watch out. I also like to go on and on at the end of my posts about some random sports team or player. Recently, it was Kevin Love. He is honestly the most underrated player in the NBA.

Off topic. I know. It happens a lot too.

Anyway, have a good time looking around and having fun.

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