Chocolate Cake

Well, I decided to do a little baking post today because I made this really good chocolate sheet cake.

Chocolate cake is probably my go to cake. I’m pretty sure I have one of the simplest recipes ever.

Sorry ’bout that. It will probably happen again. Anyway, I really have this connection to chocolate cake. Most cakes at my family parties are chocolate cakes. Or cheesecakes.

The cheesecakes at my family parties are phenomenal. Absolutely delicious. But, this post is about the cake. And this chocolate cake basically takes the cake.

Get it? Just take a look at the cake:



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Fish and “Chips”

I have decided to start this thing where I give you easy, delicious, and healthy dinner recipes. And I am a big fan of dinner.

Not to be mean to breakfast or lunch, but dinner is my favorite meal. But, breakfast will always be the most important meal of the day. No matter what.

Anyway, I had this really good fried cod and French fries a few months ago. But, I wanted to make it better for you. So, I went to my computer and looked up….

Pictures of a dancing cod. What are the healthier fish?

I came across quite a few choices. Among them were trout (Mike Trout to be exact), salmon, and tilapia. I am personally a big white fish fan because it doesn’t have very much flavor and can take on the flavors of many different spices, marinades, or sauces. So, I decided to pick up a nice filet of tilapia and get cooking.


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Snickerdoodle Cheesecake

I had a little epiphany when I found this recipe. I was surfing the interwebs and looking at different magazines at the exact same time. I came across this really simple cheesecake recipe, but I wanted a way to make it different and unique… and yummy. So, I took to the kitchen in search of the ingredients.

I didn’t have most of the ingredients. Go figure.

So, I then gathered all of the things I needed to make a basic cheesecake. I finally had everything I needed. Or so I thought.

I soon realized that I wanted to make this recipe different from all of the other cheesecake recipes. So, I went to see what recipes I really wanted to do, but never really got around to it. I saw “Snickerdoodle Cookies” and I automatically went to my pantry to find the sugar and cinnamon so that I could somehow pull off a snickerdoodle cheesecake.

And I pulled it off.

Yes, I have made a cheesecake before. But I really have never come across a recipe quite like this one. For starters, I actually just guessed at how much cinnamon and sugar I should add to the filling. Completely by spoonful. I had no idea what I was doing, yet it was working out well in my favor.

The odds were ever in my favor. 

I had to guys. Catching Fire is coming out at midnight tonight, so I thought it was acceptable to quote the Hunger Games. Have anyone else read the trilogy? It is a really good book series. I would definitely recommend reading them. Suzanne Collins is a really phenomenal author.

Anyway, back to the cheesecake. I also went on the interwebs to see how I could add a little something to the cheesecake, instead of just having a regular plain old cheesecake. I wanted to add a topping of some sort, but had no idea what to do.


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Scrambled Eggs

So, I’m pretty sure the only thing I can execute correctly is eggs. I’m actually surprised that today I made a really pretty and really delicious plate of scrambled eggs. I was so surprised that I actually did it right that I ran to grab my camera. So, I thought this picture was pretty amazing.

But enough about my progressing photography skills. This is really about the scrambled eggs and how amazing they are.

Guys, scrambled eggs are really easy to make and they just make life so much easier. I first made scrambled eggs a few years ago and I was terrified. I didn’t know when they would be done, I didn’t know if I had any shells in it, or how many eggs or what part of the egg I should use (That last one seems a little stupid, but come on. I was nervous). But, after doing it a million times and watching other people do it, I think I have slightly or temporarily master the art of scrambling eggs.

Yes, scrambling eggs is an art. Just look at the picture.

So, for those of you who are on the journey to supreme scrambled egg making, you have come to the right place. I am here to help and entertain.

OH, I have a really funny story to tell. One day, I was thinking of more efficient or different ways to make scrambled eggs. I went to my trusty friend Google and searched “interesting ways to make scrambled eggs”. And I came across this thing that said you should try putting them in a microwave. And below it there was a comment that said,

“I once made scrambled eggs. I took some eggs, cracked them into a bowl, and brought them outside on really hot summer day. After 6 days, I had scrambled eggs.”

I lost it. I seriously laughed so hard for no apparent reason. I never thought that anyone would really take eggs outside to cook. I was so confused, but it was awesome.

I had so many questions though. Was she joking? Could you really cook an egg outside? Does she need to see a doctor? Is she an eggspert?

So, perks to that person who was so awesome to comment that.


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Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

Well, I tried out another slow cooker recipe yesterday. IT WAS AMAZING.

I made this really good pulled pork recipe that I absolutely loved. The sad thing is that I used a random bottle of barbecue sauce and I can’t seem to remember what the sauce was, but it tasted amazing. It was a sweeter barbecue sauce and had a little hint of lemon-y or garlic-y.

While I was making this, I was contemplating what I should make with my leftovers after Thanksgiving. I have some pretty amazing ideas that I would love to run by you once you, but I’m going to have to put that one off until after Thanksgiving

Anyways, the pulled pork was amazing.

Just look at it:


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BBQ Sauce

Since I promised to show you my new BBQ sauce recipe, I decided to come up with other sauce ideas.

But today, I am going to tell you the one that started it all:

The Sweet Sloppy Joe BBQ Sauce

If you didn’t read my last post, you may be a little confused. Click here and you can get the scoop… And a beautiful picture of Kevin Love.

Guys, Kevin Love is cool.

I came up with this recipe when I was just sitting around looking at my little slow cooker cookbook. I came across this sloppy Joe recipe, made it, and really liked the sauce it was made in. So, I decided to change it up a little bit and take out the meat. Then I could successfully call it a BBQ sauce.

And, I decided to make a little sticker thingie that you could put on the bottle when you make this BBQ sauce.

sticker for bottle


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Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes

Now, normally when I think of sloppy Joes I think of ground beef in a savory sauce. But when you add in some sweetness, I think it takes it over the top. And you toast some buns and get them nice and warm and…..

I kinda love sloppy Joes.

I got this slow cooker book a week ago and I have been looking at recipes and finally decided to try one out. I updated the sloppy Joe recipe because I am not a big fan of bell peppers or onions in this recipe. So I made some modifications to it.

Anyway, I was thinking of coming up with a way to get a sweeter sloppy Joe. I tried many things, including honey, agave nectar, and stevia. They didn’t seem to give me a flavor I liked. I ended up going with my favorite sweetener of all time: sugar. Sure, sugar is bad for you. But in moderation (or in sloppy Joes) they are a slightly necessary component.

I was also thinking of coming up with a barbecue sauce recipe with some slight changes to this recipe. I will try that out and have it on here ASAP.


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